Steve Miller Band

Children of the Future - Capitol 1968

Tracks: 1. Children Of The Future / 2. Pushed Me To It / 3. You've Got The Power / 4. In My First Mind / 5. The Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing / 6. Baby's Callin' Me Home / 7. Steppin' Stone / 8. Roll With It / 9. Junior Saw It Happen / 10. Fanny Mae / 11. Key To The Highway


Steve Miller Band's debut album from 1968 is quite different from their more familiar sound and style on albums like "Brave New World", "Number 5" and later "The Joker". Half of the album is classic blues-rock style - solid but without very much personal character.

The rest of the album is more searching - at times almost psychedlia. This is where the group is most interesting, and although Miller's songwriting is yet at his top level, the three opening numbers are actually quite good and successful. Actually the two short songs "Pushed me too Far "and" You've Got the Power "can be regarded as appendix to the opening song" Children of the Future ". All songs of the original vinyl side 1, are bound together and the songs do not really work outside that context.

The second half is mostly blues and these numbers are also in several cases tied together. The bluesy songs, though, but may well be heard separately. Most powerful among these, I find Boz Scaggs' "Steppin Stone" and Miller's own "Roll With it"

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