Aimee Mann

Charmer - Super Ego Records 2012

Tracks: 1. Charmer / 2. Disappeared / 3. Labrador" / 4. Crazytown / 5. Soon Enough / 6. Living a Lie / 7. Slip and Roll / 8. Gumby" / 9. Gamma Ray / 10. Barfly / 11. Red Flag Diver / 12. Brother's Keeper


"Charmer" from 2012 may be an a bit overlooked album perhaps somewhat overshadowed by much acclaimed (and well-deserved) albums such as "Bachelor No. 2," "The Forgotten Arm" or "Lost in Space". If this is so, it is really a shamr, for "Charmer" is a great and winning album that definitely measures up to Mann's best. It is for me to hear an album with no weak tracks and moreover it contains very strong songs which, by virtue of both melody, lyrics and sound creep under the skin of the listener.

"Charmer" was one of the first Aimee Mann albums I really became aware of, and songs like "Labrador", "Disappeared" and "Barfly" really opened my eyes to the large talent of Aimee Mann.

"Charmer" is probably the Mann album, I have listened to the most times and I have not yet reached the point where I need a longer break from it. In addition to the three great songs, I would also highlight the duet "Living a Lie", "Slip and Roll" and "Gumby" and repeat that this is one of few albums with no weak spots.

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