Capricornia - Liquid 2001

Tracks: 1. Golden Age / 2. Too Much Sunshine / 3. Capricornia / 4. Luritja Way / 5. Tone Poem / 6. A Crocodile Cries / 7. Mosquito March / 8. Been Away Too Long / 9. Say Your Prayers / 10. Under The Overpass / 11. World That I See / 12. Poets & Slaves


After a couple of disappointing albums Midnight Oil came back strongly with the excellent album "Capricornia". Unfortunately, it seems that this will also be last from this great band.

The album oozes joy of playing and commitment and the songwriting is back at the level of the early 1990s with albums like "Blue Sky Mine" and "Earth and Sun and Moon".

Most songs are characterized by both edge and great sounding guitars and like always, strong vocals. On many of the songs again emphasis is put on melodic and catchy choruse. The band manage to combine lyrically serious themes specifically addressing the problems of modern lifestyle and thinking, with great melodic singing and playing.

Should individual songs be highlighted it must be the very catchy "Golden Age", which is a nice example of how the group has "rediscovered" their old sound. The same could be said of the title track, which also borrows a little from the old hit "Needles and Pins".

The more subdued "Under the Overpass" is also a very strong track that is likely to stick to your mind. The final track "Poets and Slaves" is less accessible, but a song which, with its drama and at the same time melodic atmosphere, will capture the listener.

You can fret that group chose to stop here, but also note that they chose to stop while artistically at the top.

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