Los Lobos

By the Light of the Moon - Slash 1987

Tracks : 1. One Time One Night / 2. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes / 3. Is This All There Is? / 4. Prenda Del Alma / 5. All I Wanted To Do Was Dance / 6. Set Me Free [Rosa Lee] / 7. The Hardest Time / 8. My Baby's Gone / 9. River of Fools / 10. The Mess We're In / 11. Tears of God


This was the album that really consolidated Los Lobos' name as a modern rock band that was on level with contemporary trends, wrote great songs and who played their instruments sang their songs to pure delight. The album is once again produced by T-Bone Burnett. This time the group decided, with one exception, to stick to the English lyrics, and the traditional Tex-Mex style is not very prevalent.

The songwriting is strong and inspired. The songwriting team David Hidalgo and Louie Perez delivers a string of beautiful songs like "One Time, One Night," "All I Wanted To Do var Dance," "The Hardest Time," "Tears of God" and not least the beautiful acoustic "River of Fools ". Several of these fine songs could really have been written or arranged by Tom Petty.

Cesar Rosas, who often delivers for the rawer and bluesy songs contributes the fine "Set Me Free", besides the very bluesy "My Baby's Gone" and the upbeat "Shakin 'Shakin' Shakes"

This one of the group's most complete and most successful albums, however, it would be surpassed by the band themselves a couple of times within the next few years.

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