Eva Cassidy

Eva By Heart - 1997

Tracks: Tracks: 1. I Know You By Heart / 2. Time Is A Healer / 3. Wayfaring Stranger / 4. Wade In The Water / 5. Blues In The Night / 6. Songbird / 7. Need Your Love So Bad / 8. Say Goodbye / 9. Nightbird / 10. Waly Waly / 11. How Can I Keep From Singing? / 12. Dark End of the Street


This was the first collection of studio recordings with Eva Cassidy, released in 1997, barely a year after her untimely death .

Cassidy was an excellent singer and guitarist, who never lived to witness the popularity she deserved. This CD release is probably the only Cassidy managed to have some degree of influence on, since work on a studio album had begun before her serious cancer disease broke out. Later , a series of posthume albums of surviving recordings have been released with various degrees added overdubs.

"Eva by Heart" includes interpretations of songs in many genres such as jazz, blues, folk , gospel , country, rock and pop classics .Personally, I'm not so excited about her jazzy interpretations which I feel tend towards too much vocal display. For me the more melodic subdued numbers suit her voice better. "Eva by Heart" contains some of the finest examples of this side of Cassidy - especially "Say Goodbye" is so incredibly beautiful and moving. And of course, also her interpretations of Christine McVie's "Songbird" and Diane Scanlon's "I Know You By Heart" are excellent.

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