Flying Burrito Brothers

Burrito Deluxe - AM Records 1970

Tracks: 1. Lazy Days / 2. Image Of Me / 3. High Fashion Queen / 4. If You Gotta Go / 5. Man In The Fog / 6. Farther Along / 7. Older Guys / 8. Cody, Cody / 9. God's Own Singer / 10. Down In The Churchyard / 11. Wild Horses


For the gfroup's second album Bernie Leadon ( Eagles ) replaced Etheridge and another former Byrds man, Michael Clarke became their permanent drummer. On this album the role of Gram Parsons seems to be less dominant, and the album is often regarded as a disappointment compared to their debut.

I'm not so sure this is really fair; though, admittedly there are a few pretty dull tracks on it. On the other hand there are some standouts like "Cody Cody" which is probably my alltime FBB favourite. This is the closest they get to the sound of the original Byrds; enjoy Hilmann's harmony vocals! Other great songs are Leadon's "God's Own Singer" and their version of "Wild Horses". The version of "Farther Along" is also fine, though it comes nowhere near the Byrds' version with Clarence White in the foreground.

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