Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield - Atco 1966

Tracks: 1. For What It's Worth / 2. Go And Say Goodbye / 3. Sit Down I Think I Love You / 4. Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sins / 5. Hot Dusty Roads / 6. Everybody's Wrong / 7. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong / 8. Burned / 9. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It / 10. Leave / 11. Out Of My Mind / 12. Pay The Price


Neil Young's songs saves the album. His songs are all standouts on this Buffalo Springfield debut album, where Steve Stills' "For What It's Worth" is the only other track of any real substance. But it's a great exception; one of the great 1960's West Coast Classics - like Jefferson Airplanes' "White Rabbit" or "Somebody to Love"

After this great opener follow 2 more Stills songs; "Go and Say Goodbye" is country-styled pop-song and "Sit Down I Think I Love You" which is Stills' best contribution, besides "For What It's Worth"

Excitement rises again with Neil Young's "Nowadays Can't Even Sing" with lead vocals by Ritchie Furay. 2 more Stills songs "Hot Dusty Roads" and another of his better efforts "Everybody's Wrong" Next track is one of the highlights for me, Neil Young's beautiful "Flying on the Ground is Wrong", again sung by Ritchie Furay'.

Young takes over the lead vocals on his own "Burned", one of the most rocking tracks on the album. This song features some odd off-key instrumentations ( piano and the guitar-solo) . It's a good song, but the vocals sound a little strained. "Do I Have to Come Right out and Say it" is another strong Young composition.

Steve Stills contributes 2 more songs, none of them particularly memorable.

Again it's a Neil Young song that keep interest going with "Out of my Mind" this time sung by himself.

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