Procol Harum

Broken Barrices - AM Records 1971

Tracks: 1. Simple Sister / 2. Broken Barricades / 3. Memorial Drive / 4. Luskus Delph / 5. Power Failure / 6. Song for a Dreamer / 7. Playmate of the Mouth / 8. Poor Mohammed / 9. Broken Barricades [Single Edit][*] / 10. Power Failure [Single Edit][*] / 11. Simple Sister [Mono][*]]


Fifth album from Procol Harum marked a radical change for the band comapred to their previous albums. Known for their strong influence from classical music, this bluesy, at times even heavy, album was quite a surprise when first released in 1971.

The brilliant guitarist Robin Trower, who had given a great bluesy touch to their first classic albums, apparently wanted a bigger place in the spotlight, and apart from two songs the album does not really sound like a Procol Harum album at all.

Original organ player Matthew Fisher had left the group before the recording of the previous album "Home", and it probably can be stated that Broken Barricades is a logical continuation of what was started on "Home" - see "Whisky Train".

Personally I find this album one of their least satisfying records; actually only the title track and "Luskus Delph" have the classic Procol Harum qualities. These two songs, on the other hand, ranks among the band's very best, so the album does deserve its place in the great Procol Harum catalogue.

The rest of the album is okay, though not very memorable. A paradox that Robin Trower left the group shortly after recording this album.

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