Neil Young

Broken Arrow - Reprise 1996

Tracks: 1. Big Time / 2. Loose Change / 3. Slip Away / 4. Changing Highways / 5. Scattered / 6. This Town / 7. Music Arcade / 8. Baby What You Want Me To Do


If you like Neil Young's raw sound without much finesse and you don't mind long tracks, there is good chance that this album could be somehing.

The characteristic Crazy Horse sound is all over the album, and some may feel that Young's more melodic songs come out lost a bit in distorted guitar. There are some really nice songs here, some which, though, go on for too long for my taste. A little unusual to open an album with the three longest tracks which all overwrite the 7-minute limit.

Best of these three is for me "Slip Away", which has a great chorus. Otherwise favorites are "Scattered" and the lighter "This Town", and not least the acoustic "Music Arcade" which is the closest you get to the "Harvest" sound.

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