George Harrison

Brainwashed - Dark Horse 2002

Tracks: 1. Any Road / 2. Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night) / 3. Pisces Fish / 4. Looking for My Life / 5. Rising Sun / 6. Marwa Blues / 7. Stuck Inside a Cloud / 8. Run So Far / 9. Never Get Over You / 10. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea / 11. Rocking Chair in Hawaii / 12. Brainwashed


Brainwashed was to be George Harrison's last album. He was working on it till close to his death in November 2001. It was finished and co-priduced by friend and producer Jeff Lynne, and the sound is quite similar to their previous collaborations in the Travelling Wilburys and George`s "Cloud Nine" album. George`s son Dhani also played a big part on the album.

Even though it is sad that George is no longer among us, it is actually a very uplifting album. Many of the songs are on level with George's very best work. Lyrically it's a very moving and mature album. The optimistic "Any Road" opens the albums and set the mood from the beginning. Great catchy country tune with George on his charateristic slide guitar. "P2 Vatican Blues" sounds a lot like a Wilbury song; also a very good track.

"Pisces Fish" is an outstanding song; great melody with thoughful lyrics. Somehow it reminds me of Donovan at his best. "Looking For My Life" in spite of the upbeat tune, this is George looking back well aware that he may not have many days left to live.

Songs 5-9 are all good songs, though not outstanding by Harrison's standards "Marwa Blues" is a quiet instrumental The charming "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" featuring George on ukulele and Jools Holland om piano is the next highlight.

"Rocking Chair in Hawaii" is blues-song and a little atypical for George, but a fine track too.

The finale and title track is by far the most complex track. George's inspiration from Indian culture and music shines through here; lyrically George comments on how everybody claims to have all the answers, and how it's often hard to think for yourself about what really matters in life.

This clearly one of Harrison's best albums; maybe only second to "All Things Must Pass".

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