Beau Brummels

Bradley's Barn - Warner Brothers 1968

Tracks: 1 Gentle Wandering Ways / 2. Fine With Me / 3. Dream on, Dream On, Dream / 4.I Want More Lovin´ / 5. I`ve Never Known / 6. Oh, Lonesome Me / 7. When it Comes to Your Love / 8. Doesn´t Matter / 9. More Than Happy / 10. That´s All Right / 11. Can It Be / 12. Louie Louie


Bradley´s Barn was the last album that Beau Brummels released before their first split up around 1968. ( They reformed in 1975 to another album ). At this point only two ( of the original five ) members were left. Musically they had changed considerably since their early albums and singles released on the Autumn label. They had a handful of Beatles inspired hit-singles during 1964-65. Their majority of their material was written by lead-guitarist Ron Elliot. Elliot along with lead singer Sal Valentino are the solo survivors from the original line-up and they are supported here by experienced Nashville studio-musicians like Jerry Reed and Kenneth Buttrey. Bassist Ron Meagher was drafted to the army before its completion. The title of the album refers to the famed Nashville studio named after legendary producer Owen Bradley.

It´s no surprise that there is a lot of country influence on the album, but it is by no means a traditional country-album. Along with the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield and the Monkees ( Mike Nesmith ) this album documents that the Beau Brummels were also among the the pioneers who created the the musical style later referred to as country-rock. In fact the best tracks on this album like “Turn Around”, “Deep Water” and “Love Can Fall a Long Way Down” sound a lot of Mike Nesmith´s great Monkees songs from “Headquarters” and “Pisces, Aquarious”.

Compared to their previous dull string-laden album “Triangle” this album was an inspired step back forward so really a shame that the first chapter of Beau Brummels history ended here.

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