Lana Del Rey

Born to Die / Interscope Records 2012

Tracks: 1. Born To Die / 2. Off To The Races / 3. Blue Jeans / 4. Video Games / 5. Diet Mountain Dew / 6. National Anthem / 7. Dark Paradise / 8. Radio / 9. Carmen / 10. Million Dollar Man / 11. Summertime Sadness / 12. This Is What Makes Us Girls


I felt from the beginning that there was something exciting and very contemporary in sound of Lana Del Rey's album. With elements from both Dido and Kate Bush, I think that producer Emile Haynie has created a sound that is very contemporary which incorporates the feelings of disillusionment which characterizes our times.

There are several really good songs which lyrically corresponds well to the music. The title track is perhaps the number most people will know from the radio, but for me "Blue Jeans" is the absolute highligt, both melodic and catchy - magnificent!

"Dark Paradise" has not been released as a single, even though the song to my ears was a more obvious choice than a couple of the other five singles that have been pulled from the album.

It can be stated that more songs remind pretty much of each other, but still each very good.

One song which really stands out from the rest is "Million Dollar Man", which has a more jazzy sound. There are also some James Bond-ish in both melody and production. I would not be surprised if Del Rey is offered the title song for one the next Agent 007 movies.

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