Bongo Girl - Sony 1992

Tracks: 1. Manchmal Ist Ein Tag / 2. Was Dann / 3. Ich Kann Nicht Mehr / 4. Mach Dir Keine Sorgen / 5. Ohne Ende / 6. Alles Viel Zu Schon / 7. Was Immer Du Tust / 8. Conversation / 9. Bongo Girl / 10. You Dont Have To Cry / 11. Mein König / 12. Keine Lugen Mehr / 13. Weit Uber Den Ozean / 14. Outro


Nena’s 1992 album ”Bongo Girl” has its moments, but compared to most of her other releases it is quite disappointing. Several songs are pretty banal and predictable, while others are directly weak or tiresome. This applies, for example the Afrikans inspired tracks "Conversation" and "Bongo Girl". Some of the more rocking numbers suffer a bit from too much hero-guitar and the production is generally not on par with most other Nena albums.

Fortunately, there are a handful of numbers which , after all, save the album. "Ohne Ende" is a beautiful ballad that also offers fine Hammond organ playing. "Was dann" is a smooth

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