Leigh Nash

Blue on Blue - Nettwerk Records 2006

Tracks: 1. Along The Wall / 2. Nervous In The Light Of Dawn / 3. My Idea Of Heaven / 4. Ocean Sized Love / 5. Never Finish / 6. Between The Lines / 7. More Of It / 8. Angel Tonight / 9. Blue / 10. Cloud Nine / 11. Just A Little / 12. Run Together (*) / 13. Blue Sky (Full version) (*) / 14. Blue Sky (acapella) (*)


Leigh Nash released this, her first soloalbum, 4 years after the temporary break-up of Sixpence None the Richer. Though some may feel that the album lacks a bit of the edge that can be heard on Sixpence None the Richer's albums, fans of the ballads of that band are bound to love this album too. Nash co-wrote all songs on the album, which is full of fine songwriting.

One of the very best songs "Nervous In The Light Of Dawn " was written with Sixpence None the Richer partner Matt Slocum, and it was really great news that the band in early 2008 announced their reformation.

Leigh Nash has a very beautiful voice and with so much great material it should not go wrong - and it doesn't. Most tracks are really not that different from SNTR, but the guitars are generally more in the background on this album. A nice exception to this is the rocking "Blue".

Other stand-outs are the opener "Along the Wall" - a nice ballad dominated by piano and nice vocals. Another exquisite ballad is "Never Finsh" with its gorgeous chorus. The same could be said about the moving closing track "Just a Little".

Among the bonus-tracks there is another Matt Slocum collaboration - the upbeat "Run Together". Vocally Nash often touches upon the same sentiments as another great songwriter Suzanne Vega; though her approach is obviously more "pop". A fine album.

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