Suzanne Vega

Blood Makes Noise - AM Records 1992

Tracks: 1. Blood Makes Noise / 2. Bad Wisdom / 3. Men Will Be Men


This hard to find single "Blood Makes Noise" is taken from her great 1992 album "99.9F", which has a lot of weird and exiting sounds and beats. The title track is really great, whereas "Bad Wisdom" is more of the classical acoustic Suzanne Vega - and also a fine song.

The third track "Men Will Be Men" may be the one that will interest most people, considering this is the only time it has been released on CD. The two album tracks were produced by "Mitchell Froom"; but this last rare song, was produced Vega herself. The song is not among her most memorable, but a quite nice acoustic song, which fans of her first album will enjoy.

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