Blind Faith

Blind Faith - Polydor 1969

Tracks: 1. Had to Cry Today / 2. Can't Find My Way Home / 3. Well All Right / 4. Presence of the Lord / 5. Sea of Joy / 6. Do What You Like / 7. Sleeping in the Ground / 8. Can't Find My Way Home [El. Vers.] / 9. Acoustic Jam / 10. Time Winds / 11. Sleeping in the Ground [Slow] // 1. Jam No. 1 / 2. Jam No. 2 / 3. Jam No. 3 /4. Jam No. 4]


I remember when I bought this album back in 1969 that my favorite track was "Had to Cry Today". It still has the good riff, but the song feels a little too longwinded when listening to it today. The highlights for me are the other Winwood songs "Can`t Find My Way Home" ( both versions ) and "Sea of Joy" ( great violin solo by Rick Gretch ).

Clapton`s "Presence of the Lord" is also a good song; maybe a little overrated. "Well Alright" sounds a bit dated today. Baker's "Do What You Like" was always a bore, and it goes on for way too long, and actually spoils what could have been a great album.

Of the bonus tracks on CD 1, both versions of "Sleeping on the Ground" are good performances. Reminding me of early Fleetwood Mac. The electric version of "Can`t Find my Way Home" is great. "Time Winds" is an instrumental track; okay but not particularly interesting.

The rest of the CD release a long jamming, that some may find interesting, but most people will find pretty boring.

If "Do What You Like" had been edited down to 4-5 minutes and the electric version of "Can't Find my Way Home" + one or both versions of "Sleeping on the Ground" had been included on the original album, it would really have been a classic.

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