Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry is on Top

Tracks: 1. Almost Grown / 2. Carol / 3. Maybellene / 4. Sweet Little Rock & Roller / 5. Anthony Boy / 6. Johnny B. Goode / 7. Little Queenie / 8. Jo Jo Gun / 9. Roll Over Bethoven / 10. Around And Around / 11. He Pedro / 12. Blues For Hawaiians


”Chuck Berry is on Top” from 1959 was Berry’s third album. It is sometimes regarded a compilation album, since only one song hadn’t been previously released. Still it was the first time these singles came out on an album. It contains no less than seven of his best known and loved rock’n rollers and it is in many ways his most consistent album.

”Maybelline” dates back from 1955, ”Roll Over Beethoven” is from 1956, ”Johnny B. Goode” is from 1957, ”Carol” and ”Sweet Little Rock’n Roller” from 1958 while ”Little Queenie” came out in 1959. The strong "Around and Around" which The Rolling Stones later gave excellent treatment, was never chosen as a-side but was referred to the back of "Johnny B. Goode".

Compared with Berry's two previous albums, this is a much clearer-featured rock'n roll album, where the excursions towards pop and blues are limited. A great immortal album.

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