Lou Reed

Berlin - RCA 1973

Tracks: 1. Berlin / 2. Lady Day / 3. Men Of Good Fortune / 4. Caroline Says I / 5. How Do You Think It Feels / 6. Oh, Jim / 7. Caroline Says II / 8. The Kids / 9. The Bed / 10. Sad Song


"Berlin", which was Reed's follow-up to his highly succesful ( both musically and commercially ) 1972 album "Transformer", showcases a radical change in Reed's direction. Whereas "Transformer" was a mostty light and musically catchy album, "Berlin" is a more complex and darker album; both musically and lyrically.

No tracks have the commercial appeal which characterized many tracks on "Transformer", and the album contains no new hit-singles. The album works much better to be listened to as a whole, and only few tracks are suited for "Best of" compilations. Songs like "Caroline Says" and "How Do Think it Feels" would be the most obvious selections to put out. This doesn't mean that this is not good album; on the contrary; it may be his artistically most successful. Musically it's very varied in style and instrumentation.

The "Berlin" theme seems to have influenced the arrangements of the two opening tracks; especially "Lady Day" ( Kurt Weil ).

The songs are generally longer than on Reed's two previous albums, but you are never bored when listening to the album; and once you have gotten to know the songs, you'll notice that it is really a very melodic album, with no unimportant tracks. This is Reed's Dark Masterpiece!

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