Jethro Tull

Benefit - Sonet 1970

Tracks: 1. With You There to Help Me / 2. Nothing to Say / 3. Alive and Well and Living In / 4. Son / 5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me / 6. To Cry You a Song / 7. Time for Everything / 8. Inside / 9. Play in Time / 10. Sossity; You're a Woman / 11. Singing All Day [*] / 12. Witch's Promise [*] / 13. Just Trying to Be [*] / 14. Teacher [O. UK Mix] [*]


The early Tull albums are more bluesy and hard rocking than their later albums from the late 1970's till today. This also goes for "Benefit" their 1971 album. Many of the tunes are based on guitar riffs such as "To Sing You a Song", "Teacher" and "Play in Time" .

This is one their most consistent albums, with no filler/weak tracks, though some of the songs may sound a bit dated to young listeners. Most of the tunes are both melodic and rocking, a few quiet songs there too; among them 3 of the bonus tracks "Just Trying to Be", "Singing All Day" and "Witch's Promise" which were originally released on the compilation album "Living in the Past". The last bonus track "Teacher" comes from the American version of the original Benefit album.

Jethro Tull was always Ian Anderson's project with many changes in the line-ups; but he always chose brilliant musicians, and allowed them to show their skills. On this album especially exquisite guitarist and long-time member Martin Barre.

My favourites: "Son", "For Michael Collins", "To Cry You a Song" and "Sossity, You're a Woman"

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