Sheryl Crow

Be Myself - Warner 2017

Tracks: 1. Alone in the Dark / 2. Halfway There / 3. Long Way Back / 4. Be Myself / 5. Roller Skate / 6. Love Will Save the Day / 7. Strangers Again / 8. Rest of Me / 9. Heartbeat Away / 10. Grow Up / 11. Woo Woo


Having read more reviews of "Be Myself", which described the album as a return to the old sound and style, I had great expectations for this. I have followed Crow since the ever-legendary albums of the 1990s, but I have also in various degrees been disappointed by the albums that followed "C'mon C'mon". Unfortunately, to some extent again this is the case again. I can hear that it has been a aim to recreate the 90er sound, and in some cases succcesfully. The songwriting, though, is not quite in line with albums like "Sheryl Crow" and "The Globe Session", and on some cuts, Crow's vocal sounds a bit thin.

A highlight is the very catchy "Strangers Again", which somehow makes me think of Maggie Reilly and her early hits like "Everytime We Touch" and "Moonlight Shadow". "Love Will Save the Day" is a nice ballad, as Crow has written them to most of her albums. "Alone in the Dark" sounds musically as a song that could have been taken from "The Globe Sessions", but vocally the song lacks a bit of the edge we used know from songs like "If It Makes You Happy" and "There Goes the Neighborhood".

"Be Myself" is also good, with reminiscences from "AlI Wanna Do". "Rest of Me" is a nice upbeat country thing. The whole thing is solid enough, but only in glimpses leaves a lasting impression.

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