Before and After Science - Polydor 1977

Tracks: 1. No One Receiving / 2. Backwater / 3. Kurt's Rejoinder / 4. Energy Fools the Magician / 5. King's Lead Hat / 6. Here He Comes / 7. Julie With ... / 8. By This River / 9. Through Hollow Lands / 10. Spider and I


"Before and After Science" is the last of the quartet of vocal albums recorded and released by Eno in the 1970’s. Since this album has Eno mainly dealt with the instrumental music mainly in the genre of ambient music.

"Before and After Science" points, as its predecessor "Another Green World" both toward Eno's later career and back towards the more basic rock; However, with great desire to explore and push the limits.

In a way, the album feels semi-detached with a first half with strong roots in classic rock (e.g. Roxy Music), and the second half more subdued, often with similarities to Pink Floyd.

From the first part both "Backwater", which reminds me a lot about John Cale’s way of handling rock, and the almost punk "King's Lead Hat" are clear favorites.

"Here He Comes" is one of the nicest pop / rock songs Eno has ever released, and in that way a pretty unusual Eno song. Basically it's just a pretty pop-composition but also very fine one which I from the first time I heard sounded familiar; has it borrowed a little from "You Better Move On"?

Second half, might seem a little diffuse and unfocused. "With Julie. . "and "By This River "sounding like early 1970s Pink Floyd, while the hymn-like final number" Spider and I "actually is a fine tune – all three fine tracks.

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