Indigo Girls

Become You - Epic 2002

Tracks: 1. Moment Of Forgiveness / 2. Deconstruction / 3. Become You / 4. You've Got To Show / 5. Yield / 6. Collecting You / 7. Hope Alone / 8. Bitter Root / 9. Our Deliverance / 10. Starkville / 11. She's Saving Me / 12. Nuevas Senoritas


The Indigo Girls have made another great album. The mood of this album is a bit more quiet than on most of their earlier albums. No rockers this time. But the songs are great as usual. Amy Ray has really grown as a songwriter. Most of her contributions to this album are very strong. "Moment of Forgiveness", "Become You" and "Nuevas Senoritas" are among her greatest songs ever. "Starkville" is also a great song. Amy was the rawer half of the duo; she still is, but her songwriting has really matured with this album.

Emily Saliers` songs are top-notch as usual. 3 great ballads this time; "Deconstruction", "Hope Alone" ( in the same vein as "Southlands in the Springtime") and "Our Deliverance". Emily`s 3 other songs are fine too, of course.

Great production by Peter Collins.

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