Indigo Girls

Beaty Queen Sister - Vanguard 2011

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Share the Moon / 2. John / 3. Beauty Queen Sister / 4. We Get To Feel It All / 5. War Rugs / 6. Gone / 7. Mariner Moonlighting / 8. Birthday Song / 9. Feed And Water The Horses / 10. Making Promises / 11. Damo / 12. Able To Sing / 13. Yoke


I've been a loyal fan of the Indigo Girls since I many years ago, first heard "Nomads, Indians, Saints". This new album has the girls' usual features, namely, fine vocal harmonies, great guitar playing and a collection of fine well-produced songs.

As often has been the case, it is among Emily Saliers' songs I find most favorites. So far, it is especially the songs "Gone" and "Feed and Water the Horses", which stick with me. Also "Birthday Song" and "John" are among the best. Among Amy Ray's songs, only "Share the Moon" and "Making Promises", have really appealed to me so far; the last one I could easily imagine as a new live favorite.

Whether there among the album's 13 songs are upcoming classics ala "Galileo," "Closer to Fine", "Cold Beer and Remote Control" or "Get Out the Map" I find it difficult to determine now, but usually it turns out that at least a handful of songs on each Indigo Girls album have the necessary qualities.

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