The Beatles' Second Album - Capitol 1964

Tracks: 1. Roll Over Beethoven / 2. Thank You Girl / 3. You Really Got a Hold on Me / 4. Devil in Her Heart / 5. Money (That's What I Want) / 6. You Can't Do That / 7. Long Tall Sally / 8. I Call Your Name / 9. Please Mr. Postman / 10. I'll Get You / 11. She Loves You


This second Beatles Capitol album was first released in April 1964, only three months after the first "Meet The Beatles". Whereas most of the songs on "Meet the Beatles" were Lennon/McCartney's originals, preferably taken on the group's second European album "With the Beatles", there are a lot of cover versions on ”The Beatles' Second Album”.

The five songs from "With the Beatles" which did not find their way to the first US Capitol album are all included here - all of these are cover numbers. In addition, there is also the single / EP track "Long Tall Sall", on which has McCartney as lead vocalist.

The five Lennon/McCartney originals include the hit single "She Loves You" and the B-sides "I'll Get You", "Thank You Girl" and "I Call Your Name". In addition, there is a small preview of "A Hard Day's Night" with the great mid-tempo rocker "You Can’t Do That".

The US Capitol albums usually contained 2-3 songs fewer than the Europeans and also provided non-album tracks from Europe. This allowed more album releases, and no less than four Beatles albums were released on Capitol in 1964. In addition to these, the soundtrack "A Hard Day's Night" and the documentary "The Beatles Story" also appeared in 1964. Things were really happening!

Things are also really happening on "The Beatles' Second Album", where you can’t help being overwhelmedly impressed by the strength Lennons lead-vocals. Not least on songs like "Money", "You Can’t Do That", "I Call Your Name" and "Please Mr Postman". The latter sounds so very much like a Beatles song and is one of my absolute favorite Beatles cover numbers.

All Beatles originals are excellent, although "I'll Get You" and "Thank You Girl" may not be among the most proficient. George Harrison was not a major lead vocalist at this time, but his harmonies with Lennon and McCartney are strong and convincing. Harrison gives a good bid on "Roll Over Beethoven", but performs less convincingly on ”Devil in Her Heart”. He shares the vocals with Lennon on "You Really Got a Hold on Me" which is overall quite solid.

I've never cared much for "Long Tall Sally", though McCartney gives it all he has, and the group's backing is tight and energetic. A great early Beatles album (both in mono and stereo) and it's always interesting to hear the well-known songs in a new context, which for most Americans is the original and genuine.

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