BBC Sessions - Castle - 2004 ( 63-67 )

Tracks: 1. When You Walk in the Room / 2. Chris Curtis Interview / 3. This Feeling Inside / 4. What Have They Done to the Rain? / 5. Searchers: The Interview / 6. Something You Got Baby / 7. Let the Good Times Roll / 8. Everything You Do / 9. Chris Curtis Interview / 10. Goodbye My Love / 11. Chris Curtis Interview / 12. Magic Potion / 13. Chris Curtis Interview / 14. Bumble Bee / 15. Everybody Come Clap Your Hands / 16. Sweet Little Sixteen / 17. Interview / 18. Glad All Over / 19. Chris Curtis Interview / 20. He's Got No Love / 21. Be My Baby //1. Ready Teddy / 2. Four Strong Winds / 3. Chris Curtis Interview / 4. When I Get Home / 5. I'm Never Coming Back / 6. Too Many Miles / 7. Mike Pender Interview / 8. Take Me for What I'm Worth / 9. It's Time / 10. Mike Pender Interview / 11. Take It or Leave It / 12. Blowin' in the Wind / 13. Mike Pender Interview / 14. Have You Ever Loved Somebody / 15. Medley: C C Rider/Jenny Take a Ride / 16. Frank Allen Interview / 17. Popcorn Double Feature / 18. Goodbye, So Long / 19. I'll Be Loving You / 20. Western Union / 21. I Don't Believe


Among the many bands to come out of the Liverpool area in the early 1960's the Searchers were only second the Beatles. They had their unique, easily recognizeable sound and style, which was actually very different from the regular Liverpool-sound. Their trademarks were great harmony-singing and jangling guitars. They were also great inspirators for American bands like the Byrds, whose 12-string sound you'll also find on many of the Searchers' Pye recordings.

This BBC collection documents that they were a very competent live-act. These recordings from 1964-67 are mostly true renditions of their studio-recordings, but also included are songs that the group never released on their regular albums. Among the non-album tracks "Blowing in the Wind" and "I Don't Believe" are great additions to the Searchers catalogue.

Songs like "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Glad All Over" and "Ready Teddy" were live-favourites that were never recorded for any of their albums. Of particular interest is their obscure original "I'll Be Loving You" which noboby seems to be remember to wrote. The song is a really folkish ballad and a highlight on this collection - strange that they never recorded this great songs for any of their albums. Also hard to understand that later singles like "Have You Ever Loved Somebody", "Popcorn Double Feature" and "Western Union" were not able reach to top of the charts at a time when less profiled bands like the Tremeloes were able to score one hit after the other. A must have for Searchers fans, and also great listening from a historical point of view.

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