The Killers

Battle Born - Island 2012

Tracks:   1. Flesh And Bone / 2. Runaways / 3. The Way It Was / 4. Here With Me / 5. A Matter Of Time / 6. Deadlines And Commitments / 7. Miss Atomic Bomb / 8. The Rising Tide / 9. Heart Of A Girl / 10. From Here On Out / 11. Be Still /12. Battle Born


I think that the general assessment of The Killers' "Battle Born" has been way too negative and unfair. I think we are in a time when there are very few bands in the classic rock genre who write good songs and release interesting albums. Of course, you can not deny that The Killers, since the group's first two albums, have lost some edge and thus become more mainstream, but the good songwriting is absolutely still there. A comparison with bands that could be put into the same category like Coldplay or The Foo Fighters, The Killers won't fall through in any way through. Or what about yawners like "Nickelback"?

I find it hard to point out really weak numbers; you might, though, find "A Matter of Time" or "Deadlines and Commitments" less interesting. On the other hand, it is very easy to find strong new songs that have both durable melodies and powerful vocals by Flowers; wrapped up in well tested rock arrangemets. At random I could bring out "Here With Me", "Fleah and Bone", "Miss Atomic Bomb", "Runaways," "From Here On Out" and "Battle Born".

I feel quite confident that this album will go down in history as one of their most successful.

Nov. 2012

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