Fleetwood Mac

Bare Trees - Reprise 1972

Tracks: 1. Child Of Mine / 2. The Ghost / 3. Homeward Bound / 4. Sunny Side Of Heaven / 5. Bare Trees / 6. Sentimental Lady / 7. Danny's Chant / 8. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love / 9. Dust / 10. Thoughts On A Grey Day


"Bare Trees" was an obvious progression for Fleetwood Mac, compared to its predecessor, "Future Games", which simply had only few really good songs . On "Bare Trees", which was the last album with guitarist Danny Kirwan, and as such his swan song with the band, he is the main songwriter and provides a handful of really good songs .

Danny Kirwan’s songs are mostly fine and very listenable. Kirwan is an excellent guitarist and an accomplished singer, though his vocals at times can appear somewhat thin.

"Dust" is one of the finest songs Kirwin ever wrote for the band, and consequently one of the album’s highlights. His instrumental "Sunny Side of Heaven", may have you think back to the period where both Kirwan and Peter Green were in the group ; a great track. "Child of Mine" and "Bare Trees" are fine pop- rockers , though maybe not particularly memorable . " Danny's Chant " has some fine guitar playing , but may come out, with his wordless vocals , a little unfinished .

Christine McVie , who has group significantly strongest vocals, has written two fine songs for "Bare Trees". Soul rocker " Homeward Bound" has the fullness you may well miss out on some of the other tracks. The almost gospel -like "Spare Me a Little" is, along with "Dust" the most memorable track on this album .

American guitarist Bob Welch has written two songs; the lightweight rocker " The Ghost " and the very commercial and catchy "Sentimental Lady ", a number which falls outside the album's overall feeling. Welch later re-recorded the song and had a nice hit with it.

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