Barabajagal - Epic 1969

Tracks: 1. Barabajagal / 2. Superlungs My Supergirl / 3. Where Is She / 4. Happiness Runs / 5. I Love My Shirt / 6. The Love Song / 7. To Susan on the West Coast Waiting / 8. Atlantis / 9. Trudi / 10. Pamela Jo / 11. Stromberg Twins [*] / 12. Snakeskin [*] / 13. Lauretta's Cousin Laurinda [*] / 14. The Swan (Lord of the Reedy River) [*] / 15. A Poor Man's Sunshine [*] / 16. New Years Resolution [*] / 17. Runaway [*] / 18. Sweet Beverley [*] / 19. Marjorie (Margarine) [*] / 20. Little White Flower [*] / 21. Good Morning Mr. Wind [*] / 22. Palais Girl [*] / 23. Lord of the Universe [*]


"Barabajagal" was Donovan's last album to be released in the 1960's and his fifth produced by Mickie Most.

Compared to his previous albums this is probably the most versatile, partly due to the fact that it was recorded during several sessions, featuring different musicians.

The three hit singles "Atlantis"; "To Susan on the West Coast" and "Barabajagal" are good examples of the album's great variety. "Atlantis" is a fine folky tune with an ecstatic ending ending much like the Beatles' "Hey Jude". "To Susan on the West Coast" is an acoustic anti-war song and "Barabajagal" is an almost riff-based rocker with solid backing by Jeff Beck Group.

Among the tracks I like "Happines Runs" and "Superlungs My Supergirl", but the rest are mostly sub-par tracks. The original album had a very short playing time, a little more than thirty minutes. Fortunately a lot of relevant bonus-tracks have been added to the album.

Interesting to hear "Stromberg Twins", another track with backing from Jeff Beck and his band; and song that ought have been included originally. But the strongest material are found among the last seven tracks, which are just demos; but all sounding great.

"Marjorie" and "Palais Girl" are really great songs that finally get a deserved release.

The booklet contains the final chapter of the Mickie Most Years ( part 4, Nov. 68 to Dec. 1969 ), which is great read; and although the album is not quite up to the standards of its predecessors, it's still a quite fine album.

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