The Divine Comedy

Bang Goes The Knighthood - Divine Comedy Records 2010

Tracks: 1. Down in the Street Below / 2. The Complete Banker / 3. Neapolitan Girl / 4. Bang Goes the Knighthood / 5. At the Indie Disco / 6. Have You Ever Been in Love / 7. Assume the Perpendicular / 8. The Lost Art of Conversation / 9. Island Life / 10. When a Man Cries / 11. Can You Stand Upon One Leg / 12. I Like


Like most albums from The Divine Comedy "Bang Goes the Knighthood" contains both earnest and jest. Generally the music is a logical extension of the previous two albums "Absent Friends" and "Victory for the Common Muse" which means that there is a good mixture of well-written songs with intelligent lyrics, with a fairly large variation in arragements - you meet both the pretty simple and the more grandiose which Hannon through most of his career has shown a penchant for.

The immediately most catchy song of the album is the single "At the Indie Disco" which somehow never managed to be a real new hit; this is also a song that could easily be mistaken for a Kinks / Ray Davies recording.

The album opens with two great songs; "Down in the Streets Below", is a fine example of Hannon's ability to more complex songwriting, while "The Complete Banker" is another example of music with much in common with the aforementioned Ray Davies. In the finest end I would also put songs like "The Lost Art of Conversation" and "Assume the Perpendicular". Among the lighter and very catchy songs you’ll find "Neapolitan Girl" and "I Like". There are no actual "throwaways" albeit I find "Can You Stand Upon One Leg" just a bit too silly.

It is now nearly six years since the release of the album and fortunately, a new album has been announced for release early here in 2016.

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