Bandstand / Reprise 1973

Tracks: 1. Burlesque / 2. Bolero Baby / 3. Coronation / 4. Dark Eyes / 5. Broken Nose / 6. My Friend The Sun / 7. Glove / 8. Ready To Go / 9. Top Of The Hill


On “Bandstand” from 1972 the sound of Family appear somewhat more conventional, a tendency which more or less had already started on “Fearless”, their fifth album

The album contains "Burlesque"; a catchy rocker which got up to number thirteen on the UK singles-charts, and thus was the biggest /only single success for the band.

The album contains a couple of quite heavy songs, which may remind of later Humble Pie recordings, but the greatest moments on Bandstand are found the softer and melodic tracks; especially “My Friend the Sun”, which is a stand-out on the album. Less obvious are other quiet songs like ”Bolero Babe”, “Coronation” and “Dark Eyes”, which on the other hand all are very much part of creating the overall pleasant atmosphere of the album. “Glove” is a solid rock ballad, and another personal favourite, and on the closing track “Top of the Hill” we are back to the classic Family sound and style – a great song, too.

“Bandstand” was the last album to feature bassist John Wetton, and with his departure the sound of the band changed markedly again, which can be heard on the band’s final album “It’s Only a Movie” released in 1973.

The sound on the Madfish 2012 deluxe version is simple a great. The five bonus tracks on CD two are nice, but being demos or alternate versions they do not really add anything significant or new.

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