Various Apple Artists

94 Baker Street - RPM 270 - 2003

Tracks: 1. Im Too Shy / 2. Maybe Tomorrow / 3. Tube Train / 4. She Came out Of the Cold / 5. Ive Been there Once Before + 16 other tracks by various other Apple artists


As a big fan of Badfinger I was particularly excited to hear the 5 "new" Iveys recordings released here for the first time with this RPM sampler of the Apple era. The other artist are the great band "Grapefruit" with Alex Young, (brother of George Young of the Easybeats and Flash and the Pan), Focal Point, Misunderstood, Paintbox and others.

"I'm Too Shy" is a commercial pscychedelic type song written by Tom Evans; nice song, surprisingly good sound. The demo version of "Maybe Tomorrow" is without the string arrangement from the finished version; otherwise much the same as the known version.

"Tube Train" by Ron Griffiths is a very interesting song showing the experimental and psychedlic side of the band. Much in the style of early Who and Tomorrow recordings. Great song. "She Came Out of The Cold" is a quite different recording than the one released with the brilliant Badfinger biography by Dan Matovina. Different lyrics too. Fine song.

"I've Been There Once Before" is another experimental and psychedlic recording. Would have been the perfect closing track on an Iveys Pscychedelic 1967 album.

A great new piece of information on the booklet says: "RPM plans to release a comprehensive collection of these rare Iveys demos. live performances and radio sessions sometime in 2004, tentatively titled, "The Iveys: How Much Is The Sky"

My favourites: Lullaby (Grapefruit), Tube Train ( Iveys ) and Getting Ready For Love ( Paintbox)

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