Alex Chilton

Bach's Bottom - Line 1985 / Razor and Tie 1992

Tracks: 1. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It / 2. Every Time I Close My Eyes / 3. All Of The Time / 4. Free Again / 5. I'm So Tired / 6. Free Again (2) / 7. Jesus Christ / 8. Singer Not The Song / 9. Summertime Blues / 10. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It (2) / 11. Every Time I Close My Eyes (2)* / 12. Bangkok* / 13. Can't Seem To Make You Mine* / 14. Walking Dead* / 15. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It* (3)


These recordings were among the first Chilton made after the dissolution of Big Star. Actually most Big Star members contribute to the album. Even Chris Bell has a brief solo on the 1993 reissue on the track "All of Time". In addition, Big Star acquaintances like Richard Rosebrough (drums), Andy Hummel (Keyboards), John Lightman (bass), along with producer Jon Tiven (guitars) are recurring characters on the recordíngs. Only Jody Stephens of the original Big Star line-up seems to be missing.

The best recordings, both sound like Big Star and have the Big Star qualities. "Close My Eyes," "All of the Time", "Free Again", "Jesus Christ" and "Singer Not the Song" and to a certain extent "Take Me Home and Make Me Like It" are welcome additions to the Big Star catalog.

The rest of the tracks sound more or less sound like unserious rehearsals and have much of a bootleg touch. Loose jams mixed with studio chatter.

The best recordings come a natural extension of "Sister Lovers" and even though half of the album can only appeal to hardcore fans, the best is so good that you ( as a Big Star fan) would not do without it.

For this 1992 reissue Jon Tiven has remixed and made new overdubs. In most cases this is done well, although I prefer the tracks without count-ins and studio chatter.

Moreover the great 1977 single "Bangkok"/"Can't Seem to Make You Mine" along with other rare studio-outtakes have been added.

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