The Shirelles

Baby It's You - Scepter 1962

Tracks: 1. Baby It's You / 2. Things I Want To Hear / 3. Big John / 4. The Same Old Story / 5. Voice Of Experience / 6. Irresistible You / 7. Soldier Boy / 8. A Thing Of The Past / 9. Twenty One / 10. Make The Night A Little Longer / 11. Twistin' USA / 12. Putty In Your Hands


"Baby It's You" is named after one of the group's biggest hits - a number which is also the Beatles recorded for their first album. A fine song and a contemporary pop number written by Bacharach / Davis. This album contains several other fine tracks, especially Goffin / King 's "Make the Night a Little Longer" and the other big hit from the album "Soldier Boy" should be mentioned. Songs like "Things I Want to Hear," "The Same Old Story" and "The Voice of Experience" also help to make this album one of the group's best.

Finally also interesting that The Yardbirds recorded the very end catchy closing-track "Putty in Your Hands" for their debut album "For Your Love"

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