The Seekers

A World of our Own - Columbia 1965

Tracks: 1. A World of Our Own / 2. Don´t Think Twice, It´s Alright / 3. The Leaving of Liverpool / 4. This Land is Your Land / 5. Two Summers / 6. The Times Are A´Changin´ / 7. Just a Closer Walk With Thee / 8. Don´t Tell Me My Mind / 9. Allentown Jail / 10. Four Strong Winds / 11. You Can Tell The World / 12. Whistling Rufus


This 1965 album was the fourth studioalbum from the Seekers and the first on which contemporary songs played played the major role on the tracklist. Guitarist in the group, Bruce Woodley, would for the nexts albums contribute some of the really great Seekers originals, and here he is the man behind the fine songs ”Two Summers” and ”Don’t Tell Me Mind”, both written in the typical Seekers folk-style.

Highlight on the album is producer and songwriter Tom Springfield’s title track, which was also a big hit for the group. Another big favourite is the version of Jo Stafford’s hits from the 1950’s ”Allentown Jail”.

There are two Bob Dylan cover versions, ”Don’t Think Twice” and ”The Times are a’Changin’” – both quite nice but not significant.

Like with their early albums there are traditionals like ”The Leaving og Liverpool” and more recent folk/country songs by writers like Woody Guthrie and Bob Gibson. So to sum it up, this album could be described as transitional between the early traditional Seekers and the more modern Seekers, focusing more on contemporary and commercial songs, and here I clearly would argue that in the latter category is their most successful.

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