Ten Years After

A Space in Time - Chrysalis 1971

Tracks: 1. One Of These Days / 2. Here They Come / 3. I'd Love To Change The World / 4. Over The Hill/ 5. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'N' Roll You / 6. Once There Was A Time / 7. Let The Sky Fall / 8. Hard Monkeys / 9. I've Been There Too / 10. Uncle Jam


On the group's sixth album Ten Years After are trying to renew their sound and approach - primarily with spacey intros and outros and a more widespread use of the acoustic guitar. Generally, though, it is the familiar formula: a little bit of blues, a little bit rock 'n roll and a couple ballads.

With the acoustic guitar more in front, however, several of the songs start gently with the acoustic in the foreground, before the song gradually takes the more familiar form. This feature gives the album a lightness that is refreshing.

Alvin Lee is an excellent guitarist who, on this album, fortunately does not tend to play lenghty solos. Lee is no great songwriter, but the album does contain quite successful compositions. "Here they come," "I'd Love to Change the World" and Hard Monkeys "(fine surprising chord changes here) stand out. Interesting is also "Over the Hill" which has received an unusual strings arrangement. Fine Mick Jagger-like vocals here.

"Let the Sky Fall" sounds like a re-working of "Good Morning Little School Girl", but otherwise this a fine track too."I've Been There Too" brings with its two chords change in the verses memories towards the Donovan classic "Season of the Witch".

Could well be considered as the group's most complete album.

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