Around The Sun - WB 9362-48894-2 - 2004

Tracks: 1. Leaving New York / 2. Electron Blue / 3. The Outsiders / 4. Make It All Ok / 5. Final Straw / 6. I Wanted to Be Wrong / 7. Wander Lust / 8. The Boy in the Well / 9. Aftermath / 10. High Speed Train / 11. Worst Joke Ever / 12. The Ascent of Man / 13. Around the Sun


Around the Sun" is, like the recent "Reveal" and older albums like "Out of Time", a soft melodic album, with an overall acoustic atmosphere. The opening track and big hit "Leaving New York" is the perfect opener and obviously one of the stand-outs, but the high standards continues throughout the album - at least until track 9 "Aftermath", which was also a minor single-hit.

There is a nice mixture of fine ballads like "Make it Easy on Me", "I Wanted to be Wrong" and "Boy in the Well", and more upbeat and catchy songs like "Aftermath" and "The Outsiders" - both songs all-time R.E.M. favourites of mine.

The two other singles "Electron Blue" and "Wanderlust" are also great tracks - and generally it's a nice album in the easily recognizable R.E.M. style.

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