Around Grapefruit - Columbia 1968

Tracks: 1. Another Game / 2. Yesterday's Sunshine / 3. Elevator / 4. Yes / 5. C'mon Marianne / 6. Lullaby / 7. Round Going Round / 8. Dear Delilah / 9. This Little Man / 10. Ain't It Good / 11. Theme for Twiggy / 12. Someday / 13. Dead Boot


If you like the melodic sides of late 1960`s band like the Easybeats or Small Faces, you`re bound to like Grapefruit. Great melodic songs, often reminding me of the great ballads from the Easybeats "Vigil" album. In fact the main song-writer in Grapefruit was George Young`s elder brother George Alexander ( Alex Young ). The band never made really made it big, as they deserved; but they did have minor hits with "Dear Delilah" and "C`mon Marianne". These two tracks are not even among their best. Songs like "Lullaby", "Someday" and "Deep Water" had the potential of becoming real big hits. This unfortunately never happened.

Maybe their problem was that they did not have a high-profiled lead vocalist like Steve Marriot or Stevie Wright, and that some of the best tracks may be a little too heavily produced.

They released only two albums; both very good, but also very different.

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