Jimi Hendrix Experience

Are You Experienced - Track 1967

Tracks: 1. Purple Haze / 2. Manic Depression / 3. Hey Joe / 4. Love Or Confusion / 5. May This Be Love / 6. I Don't Live Today / 7. The Wind Cries Mary / 8. Fire / 9. Third Stone From The Sun / 10. Foxey Lady / 11. Are You Experienced? / 12. Stone Free / 13. 51st Aniversary / 14. Highway Chile / 15. Can You See Me / 16. Remember / 17. Red House


This album was a sensation when released in 1967. Noone had ever played the guitar like this before; and actually nobody has ever been able to convingly adapt his unique style. But it`s not all about musical skills. "Are You Experienced" contains so many great compositons written, except for "Hey Joe", by Hendrix himself. The European and American versions of the album differed a little, but here you have all 17 songs ( including the early singles ) A few comments the songs:

"Foxy Lady" timeless Hendrix classic "Manic Depression" may sound a bit dated today "Red House" - 12 bar classic Hendrix blues - great track "Can You Hear Me" - Lots of Energy "Love Or Confusion" and "I don`t live today" - Experimental songs - pointing towards later recordings "May Be This be Love" - melodic beauty "Fire" - Jimi rocks "Third Stone From the Sun" - is a beautiful instrumental with Jimi recitating.and creating all sorts of strange sounds on his guitar. "Remember" and "Are You Experienced" - probably not the most memorable tracks "Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze" are both rock classics "51st Anniversary" - a fun track - quite a good B-side "Highway Chile" even better

And then for me the standout track, "The Wind Cries Mary" - Hendrix when he`s the most melodic. Magic, mystery and beauty.

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