Anyway - Reprise 1970

Tracks: 1. Good News - Bad News / 2. Willow Tree / 3. Holding The Compass / 4. Strange Band / 5. Part Of The Load / 6. Anyway / 7. Normans / 8. Lives And Ladies / 9. Strange Band (* - Alt. Live) / 10. Part Of The Load (* - Live) / 11. Lives And Ladies (*- Live)


"Anyway" was the Family's second album released in 1970. Despite the departure of two original members in 1969, "A Song For Me", the group's first album in 1970, was both a commercial and an artistic success. In addition, the group had a nice single-hit with the excellent single "No Mule's Fool".

The group thought that more of their numbers had not come out quite right as studio recordings, and they found it a good idea to release a live album. "Anyway" came out as as only half a live album:one side of the original album consisted of four brand new tracks, recorded live, and the other consisted of four new studio tracks.

From the live-side "Good News, Bad News" shows group from the most heavy side. It's a rather long track which borrows elements from the great "Weaver's Answer" from "Family Entertainment". "Willow Tree" is more subdued, a number that could almost be described as a jazz ballad.

"Holding the Compass" is the live side's absolute peak. A folk-inspired song that has a great guitar hook and a very catchy melody. The number was for a long time a part of the group's live repertoire. Pity that this fine number was never released in a studio version. This happened with the last track on the live-side. The dramatic "Strange Band" was even released as a single.

On the studio side the group's shows its blues roots on the track "Part of the Load" which could have been a number by Free from the Paul Kossoff period.

The acoustic title track is evocative, but not as catchy as the group's subdued numbers often were. "Normans" is a comprehensive instrumental with elements from many genres.

The album ends with another of the group's finest songs. "Lives and Ladies' contains much of the best of what the group stood for. Fine tune, strong vocals and fine musicianship.

The album is expanded with three live recordings from the same period. "Strange Band" in an alt version and both "Part of the Load" and "Lives and Ladies" are included in the fine live versions

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