Brian Eno

Another Green World - Island 1975

Tracks:1. Sky Saw¨/ 2. Over Fire Island / 3. St. Elmo's Fire / 4. In Dark Trees / 5. The Big Ship / 6. I'll Come Running / 7. Another Green World / 8. Sombre Reptiles / 9. Little Fishes / 10. Golden Hours / 11. Becalmed / 12. Zawinul/Lava / 13. Everything Merges with the Night / 14. Spirits Drifting


I have to admit that my interest in Eno applies primarily to his vocal recordings. Of course, much of his instrumental music is both innovative and exciting, it just only hits me to a minor degree. The vast majority of Eno albums are instrumental, and thus actually only five or six albums are within my field of interest.

"Another Green World" from 1975 was Eno’s third solo album and also one of his most acclaimed releases. He is among others supported by prominent names like John Cale, Robert Fripp, Phil Collins and bassist Percy James from The Soft Machine.It is understandable that Eno originally created attention with his unorthodox songwriting, his strange harmonies and weird sound effects. Only five of the tracks are vocal, and apart from the very harsh opening number "Sky Saw" it may be no surprise that these are my favorites.

"St Elmo's Fire" is a funny number with Eno's charming Syd Barrett-like vocals and Robert Fripp on a guitar which recall the sound of Queen’s Brian May. "I'll Come Running" is by far the most catchy number, and probably some of the closest Eno is coming to pop. Very charming and a song that also would have been a perfect fit for Nico. "Golden Hours" is another number where you can easily come to think of Syd Barrett - a fine and also a bit mysterious number. The same applies to "Everything Merges with the Sun", which again through Eno's vocals is one of the album's highlights.

The rest of the album is, as mentioned, instrumental and in varying degrees reminiscent of sound backdrops. For me the most interesting is "Becalmed" with its mournful strings.

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