Animalisms - Decca 1966

Tracks: 1. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show / 2. Maudie / 3. Outcast / 4. Sweet Little Sixteen / 5. You're On My Mind / 6. Clapping / 7. Gin House Blues / 8. Squeeze Her - Hease Her / 9. What Am I Living For / 10. I Put a Spell On You / 11. That's All I Am to You / 12. She'll Return It / 13. Inside Looking Out / 14. Don't Bring Me Down / 15. Cheating / 16. Help Me Girl / 17. See See Rider / 18. I Just Wanna Make Love to You / 19. Boom Boom / 20. Big Boss Man / 21. Pretty Thing / 22. Don't Being Me Down [Stereo Version] / 23. See See Rider [Stereo Version] / 24. Help Me Girl [Stereo Version] / 25. Cheating [Stereo Version]


"Animalisms" was the Animals' third UK album. Compared to its predecessor "Animal Tracks" there are been several changes to notice. Keyboard man Alan Price has been replaced by competent Dave Rowberry, producer Mickie Most replaced by Tom Wilson and the group had changed record label from Columbia to Decca. Soundwise the group has got a tighter sound which gives the album a generally more modern expression; probably mainly Tom Wilson's profits.

The songs are mainly covers of American R & B things, but there also a small batch of originals. Among these the fine melodic ballad "You're on my Mind", which group actually did not feel was a real Animals song - it was too nice!

Also "She'll Return it" - a traditional blues inspired song written by Eric Burdon and Dave Rowberry. The curious "Clapping", mostly clapping sound is credited to Dave Rowberry.

The album contains no single hits, but is a solid blend of traditional blues inspired music with a strong Eric Burdon in front and more modern beat-sounds with distorted guitars.

Among the bonus tracks there are in turn both hits and more well-known Animals songs. "Don't Bring Me Down" is one of the coolest tracks the Animals recorded, "Inside Looking Out" is Animals as we originally knew them - somewhatsimilar to "I's My Life". "Help Me Girl" is a fine popballad. "See See Rider" is given new energy and new life by the Animals.

Four recordings originally released on Decca EP are also to be found among the bonus tracks.

A fine release that with the many strong bonus tracks is lifted up to a classic status.

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