A New Morning - Sony 2002

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Positivity / 2. Obsessions / 3. Lonely Girls / 4. Lost in TV / 5. Beautiful Loser / 6. Streetlife / 7. Astrogirl / 8. One Hit to the Body / 9. When the Rain Falls / 10. You Belong to Me [*]


This album comes as a logical successor to Suede's 1999 album "Head Music"; but with a generally stronger songwriting and slightly grittier vocals from leader Brett Anderson, this release comes out as a much more satisfying album.

The two singles "Positivity" and Obsession" are as good as most earlier Suede singles; though some might blame them for leaning too much on well-known Suede virtues.

For me the outstanding track is the melodic "Lost in TV", which I had the pleasure of enjoying live when Suede were on their last Denmark tour.

The acoustic title track is another stand-out; and tracks like "Beautiful Loser", Astro Girl" and "Lonely Girls" are classic Suede on their best; really no throwaway tracks on an album featuring a nice mixture of ballads and rockers.

I can help regretting that Anderson decided to let Suede dissolve after this album; for although the Tears album has its moments, I don't think it comes anywhere near the consistency of this album. A fine swan-song.

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