Del Shannon

And The Music Plays On - Sunset 1978 (67)

Tracks: 1. It's My Feeling / 2. Mind Over Matter / 3. Silently / 4. Out and Come Again / 5. My Lo Has Gone / 6. Led Along / 7. Life is But Nothing / 8. And the Music Plays On / 9. Easy to Say / 10. Friendly With You / 11. Raindrops / 12. He Cheated / 13. Leaving You Behind / 14. Runaway '67


This Del Shannon album was originally recorded and produced by Andrew Loog Oldham in 1967. Somehow it was decided not to release the album - maybe they were having second-thoughts about releasing an album that souded so differently from what Shannon usually did in those days. Olham's style was very British, with many tracks pretty heavily orchestrated, which was unusual for Del Shannon. Though the song-writing is rather consistent, the original album probably also lacked one or two tracks that shone over the rest. No obvious hits - In fact, two of the best tracks on this release, "Raindrops" and "The Music Plays on" were from other sessions, and not produced by Oldham.

The title track produced by Dave Edmunds and recorded in 1974 along with the re-recording of "Runaway" are probably the only really memorable tracks. As already mentioned, the rest of the songs are decent, but in most cases forgettable - and the overall pop-psych style is likely to sound dated to fans of Shannon's early and more easy-going style.

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