Los Lobos

And a Time to Dance - Slash 1983

Tracks: 1. Let's Say Goodnight / 2. Walking Song / 3. Anselma / 4. Come on, Letīs Go / 5. How Much Can I Do / 6. Why Do You Do / 7. Ay Te Dejo En San Antondo


"And a Time Time to Dance" from 1983 was the first Los Lobos album two feature songs in English. In fact, it's really a seven tracks EP, containing two traditional songs in Spanish, a cover of Ritchie Valens' "Come On, Let's Go" and four originals written by Los Lobos bandmembers.

The track "Anselma" earned a Grammy for best Mexican / American performance, but it's probably their cover of "Come On, Let's Go" which would be most crucial for the future career of the group as it led them to record more Valens songs for the highly succesful soundtrack for the big movie "La Bamba".

On this mini-album, the group plays a mix of latin inspired music blended with elements of both r & b and early rock and roll. The three Hidalgo / Perez originals actually sound as if they were written fifties, and the style is quite different from that which gave the group's their big breakthrough with albums like "Will the Wolf Survive," "By the Light of the Moon" and especially the "La Bamba "soundtrack.

For me it is only "Come on, Let's Go", which really sounds like the Los Lobos, I fell for.

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