Dave Clark Five

American Tour (US) - Epic BN 26177 - 1964

Tracks: 1. Because / 2. Who Does he Think he is / 3. Move On / 4. Whenever YouŽre Around / 5. I Want You Still / 6. Long Ago / 7. Come on Over / 8. Blue Monday / 9. Sometimes / 10. Anytime you Want Love / 11. I Cried Over You / 12. OlŽ Sol


The DC5 were among the most succesful bands of the 1960's. They had a long string of hit singles during 1964-70 on both sides of the Atlantic. What were their strengths then; since today, they seem to be more or less forgotten?

Most people who grew up in the sixties will remember some of their big hits like "Red Balloon" or "Everybody Knows", both of which I nevered really cared for, but encoured by a big fan of the band I took a chance and bought this album on a "two originals on one" CD. Having listened to it 3-4 times now, I'm not very surprised that the group is on the way into oblivion. They did have a great lead singer in Mike Smith and did write occasional fine pop-songs, but judged from these two 1964 and 1965 albums ( supposedly among the best ) most of their material is quite average and forgettable.

A few songs, though, deserve to be brought out. "Because", "Anytime You Want Love" and "I Cried Over You" are fine Mersey-type ballads. Also interesting among the 6 bonus-track to find Neil Young's "Southern Man" which the band released as a single in 1970.

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