Moi Caprice

All We Fear is Love - Glorious Records 2009

Tracks: 1. My Girl You Blush / 2. The Town and the City / 3. Riding in Cars With Girls / 4. Love at Last Sight / 5. tell That Girl / 6. Wish You Were Her / 7. Drama Queen / 8. To The Lighthouse / 9. Daisies / 10. The Sorrow of War / 11. The Devil Travels Fast / 12. The Art of Kissing Properly / 13. Someone Spent His Life With Her / 14. Artboy Meets Artgirl / 15. For Once in Your Life Try to Fight for Something You Believe in / 16. Thieves Like Us // 1. Rising & Falling Points of Dust* / 2. The Art of Kissing Properly* / 3. The Town and The City* / 4. The Sun and the Slience* / 5. Daisies* / 6. To The Lighthouse* / 7. Windmills* / 8. My Girl You Blush* / 9. One Plane May Hide Another*


This collection of Danish moi Caprice is in every way a clear emphasis on the fact that this band has qualities that justify much greater recognition than what the group has so far received.

CD 1 contains single A-sides released in different parts of the world, and several of them have been big local hits. All of the songs represent the best of modern pop / rock and the songs are spiced with intelligent lyrics. The group has for this release also written and recorded two brand new songs, of which especially the catchy "Tell That Girl" is at the same level as the group's great songs like "The Art of Kissing Properly", "The Town and the City," "To the Lighthouse "," The Devil Travels very Fast "and" Artboy Meets Artgirl "- I think then all the group's four albums are represented. All their albums are very commendable, but especially the band's third album "The Art of Kissing Properly" is not to be missed. If you are not familiar with the band this album would probably the right place to start.

CD 2, also called "The Past is a Foreign Country", contains alternative new recordings of older songs. In most cases the songs are set down in pace and they are generally more subdued. A few of the songs easily could bring in mind Big Star's third and their third album, "Sister Lovers".

My favorites on this CD is "The Art of Kissing Properly" which for this version is seasoned with a banjo to play one of the song's many themes. "The Sun and the Silence" and "My Girl You Blush" could be examples of the aforementioned Big Star sound.

"The Town and the City" and "To the Lighthouse" are such good songs that you almost almost can not go wrong with them; and it doesn’t for moi Caprice. Both songs are exciting and slightly cruder versions.

There's nothing to think twice about - this album deserves a place in any CD collection.

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