And The Little Lights - 2012

Tracks: 1. Things That Stop You Dreaming / 2. Let Her Go / 3. Staring At The Stars / 4. All The Little Lights / 5. The Wrong Direction / 6. Circles / 7. Keep On Walking / 8. Patient Love / 9. Life's For The Living / 10. Holes / 11. Feather On The Clyde / 12. I Hate


"All the Little Lights" is an album full of fine melodic songs, in most cases with strong roots in British folk music and Music Hall. The songs also shine with have unusually well-written lyrics that contain both humor, bite and a high degree of self-irony; several of them also with melancholy undertones. Best known, of course, is "Let Her Go"; great to know that good songs still find their way into the charts. "Let Her Go" has the qualities to become a true classic. Another of my big favorites is "Wrong Direction". Strong lyrics and catchy melody. Indeed, most songs could be highlighted, with only a few being slightly anonymous. The final song "I Hate" is from a live performance. Perfect end number - funny and with plenty of bite.

Exiting whether Passenger will be able to follow up on this fine album, as it may well a genre where musical development potential is not very obvious. But can he continue to write as good songs as on this album, Iím with.

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