Indigo Girls

All That We Let In - Epic 2004

Tracks: 1. Fill It Up Again / 2. Heartache For Everyone / 3. Free In You / 4. Perfect World / 5. All That We Let In / 6. Tether / 7. Come On Home / 8. Dairy Queen / 9. Something Real / 10. Cordova / 11. Rise Up


I had great expectations to this new album from reading these reviews on Amazon, and of course from their previous great CD "Become You" I hate to admit it, but I was a little disappointed in the beginning. I know that their songs grow on you the better you get to know them ( especially Emily`s ballads ) - and of course this is also the case with "All That We Let in"

There are some great songs here. "Fill it Up Again" is a great up-beat opener. "Free in You" and "Come On Home" are 2 ballads that really grows on you. The closing song "Rise Up" is like the opener an optimistic up-beat song. Amy`s best songs on the CD are the single "Perfect World" and "Diary Queen"

I don`t care at all for "Heartache For Everyone" - "Tether" is okay, but too long. "Cordova" does not sound like an Indigo Girls song to my ears.

My favorites are: "Free In You", "Fill It Up Again", "Perfect World", "Come on Home", "Diary Queen" and "All That We Let In"

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