Paul Revere & the Raiders

Alias Pink Puzz - Columbia 1969

Tracks: 1. Let Me! / 2. Thank You / 3. Frankfort Side Street / 4. Hey Babro / 5. Louisiana Redbone / 6. Here Comes the Pain / 7. Original Handy Man / 8. I Need You / 9. Down in Amsterdam / 10. I Don't Know / 11. Freeborn Man / 12. Let Me! [Single][*] / 13. I Don't Know [Single][*] / 14. We Gotta All Get Together [Single][*] / 15. Too Much Talk [*] [Demo] / 16. Get Out of My Mind [*] [Demo] /17. I Don't Know [*][Demo]


"Alias Pink Puzz" was the second 1969 album from Paul Revere & the Raiders. The line-up for the album was unchanged since the previous, "Hard 'n' Heavy", which was probably the closest they came to releasing a bubble-gum album. A few tracks on "Alias Pink Puzz" could also come into this category, but the album is generally stylewise more varied, also perhaps with a slightly harder edge on some tracks at least.

As with the predecessor it contains only new original material, written by Mark Lindsay, five of htem in collaboration with bassist Keith Allison.

The most famous song is without a doubt "Let Me", which was played quite a lot in the radios and performed well in the singles charts. Interesting to hear the long album version here. Otherwise, a significant song is the fine Simon & Garfunkel-like "Frankfort Side Street".

As on most Raiders albums there are some nice ballads, of which "Here Comes the Pain" and "I Need You" are pretty good. Among the more hard-hitting tracks are "The Original Handy Man" is fine solid soul-rocker.

Like most Raiders albums, this album is very well performed and well produced on the basis of good songs - in many cases even really good songs. Here especially, "Let Me", "Frankfort Side Street" and "The Original Handy Man". Fine bonus tracks can be found on the Repertoire version.

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