The Album - Polar 1977

Tracks: 1. The Eagle / 2. Take a Chance on Me / 3. One Man One Woman / 4. The Name of the Game / 5. Move On / 6. Hole in Your Soul / 7. Thank You for the Music / 8. I Wonder / 9. I'm a Marionette


"The Album" was released while Abba was at the height of their career in 1977. The musical and artistic development which the group had gone through since their debut album until the excellent "Arrival" continued to a certain degree on "The Album" although it comes out somewhat more uneven than the previuos albums.

Of the two big hits "Take a Chance on Me" and "The Name of the Game", the latter was always my favorite; especially the chorus is for me a highlight.

There is something very beautiful and magnificent on the opening track "The Eagle" with fine guitar playing by Janne Schaffer; but with its six minutes it may at times seem a little too long.

"One Man, One Woman" is cute little popballad, while "Move On" is a song that does not make any big impression. "Hole in Your Soul" is rock ala Abba - not particularly interesting either.

"The Album" ends with the mini-musical "The Girl with the Golden Hair" - really pretty classic musical songwriting. Quite nice actually, but only "Thank You for the Music" really sticks in my mind.

So all in all for me not one of Abba's most successful albums.

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